7:30A - 8:15A
Continental Breakfast
8:15A - 8:30A
Welcome & Introductions
8:30A - 9:45A
State of the Industry​
MarshBerry’s State of the Industry showcases our perspectives on the challenges and opportunities facing independently owned agents and brokers in the upcoming year. 
9:45A - 10:05A
Networking Break
10:05A - 11:10A
Think Bold: M&A*
The Ebb & Flow of Merger & Acquisition (M&A) Trends: 

A lot has changed but much still remains the same. We’ll discuss the ebbs and flows of the current M&A environment and how everyone has more than the same two historic options. 


Think Fast:
It’s tempting to lose sight of the fundamentals of agency value.  Regardless of the prices buyers pay, the underlying value drivers are consistent.  How does your agency perform on these value drivers?  We’ll help you see.
11:10A - 11:15A
11:15A - 12:00P
Industry Panel Discussion - M&A Buyer Panel "Around the Horn"
12:00P - 1:00P
1:00P - 1:20P

Everyone has opinions on what works best in the industry – including the MarshBerry team. During this interactive session to wrap-up the first part of the day – our team will debate questions from the audience. 

1:20P - 1:50P

Think About It - What's Your Plan?:

Building a strategic plan is a critical step many firm owners skip.  Walk away with tips on why you should have a plan, who should facilitate it, and why it should be anchored with real data and benchmarks.

1:50P - 2:30P

Think Growth

The Hiring Continuum: The Most Proactive Way to Build Your Talent Pipeline:
You’ve heard it before – if you’re not hiring ahead you’re falling behind.  But building a talent pipeline can be easier said than done in today’s aggressive job market. From internships to strategic hiring, this session will showcase how to find and hire talented professionals so you can build a more aggressive talent pipeline for CSRs, sales staff, and other key roles in your organization to prepare for growth.
2:30P - 3:00P
Networking Break
3:00P - 3:30P
The Missing Piece to Organic Growth
Agencies often tell us they have a good/great agency culture, but when we ask the about their sales culture the answer changes. One of the best ways to improve an agency sales culture is to have a true sales leader. This is not the #1 producer or the President of the agency or someone who does it part time.
3:30P - 4:10P
The Resource Game - Do You Want to Be Sophisticated or Profitable?
As the industry continues to change and your clients continue to question your value, industry specialty, tools, resources and a commitment to reinforcing your role in front of your clients becomes a top initiative. In our experience, most of this investment comes at the cost of margin, negatively impacting your value. This session will explore this challenge and offer data driven recommendations for performance.
4:10P - 4:30P
Q&A session to wrap up the second half of the day.
4:30P - 6:00P
Networking Cocktail Reception
Sponsored by FIRST Insurance Funding
Join your peers for food and drinks immediately following.
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