MarshBerry's 2023 Agency & Brokerage Compensation Review is now available.

The review explores the prevalent compensation trends pertaining specifically to insurance agents and brokers.

As recently as January 2023, a survey of insurance companies revealed 67% of participants planned on increasing staff over the next year. While every business cycle is different, historically the insurance sector has been relatively insulated from downward cycles in the labor market. Depending on how the economy progresses, with labor force participation rising and workers facing a decline in demand from other industries, the following months could be an opportunity for insurance brokers in attracting fresh new talent.

Study Key Take-aways

This one-of-a-kind industry report offers a comprehensive look at current compensation data for 31 roles commonly found across insurance agents and brokers.

The report offers insight on:

  • Executive & Management Compensation
  • Production
  • Service Staff
  • Support Staff

MarshBerry is launching its biennial survey again in January 2024. Be sure to watch your email for your opportunity to participate and secure your complimentary edition.