(Held at the Park Hyatt)


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Welcome & Introductions
State of the Industry
Networking Break
The Big Idea
When & Why: The Keys to a Capital Raise
Networking Lunch
The Future Brokerage
Ratings Update - Leveraged Brokers
Middle Market M&A Update
Networking Break
Update from Capital Hill - Regulatory & Tax Outlook
Wrap Up and Q&A
Cocktail & Networking Reception
Understand the challenges and opportunities that are likely to present themselves to brokerages in the upcoming year.
As the market changes, there are no longer just two options for an agent or broker.  Selling or growing a firm are still options - but "selling" doesn't necessarily mean what it used to.  During this session, we'll explore what mid-market firms are doing to differentiate themselves in the marketplace as they look to compete at a national or global level.
Most businesses can use additional cash and there will be times when a firm needs to look into financing routes to increase its available capital. Get an understanding of when the right time to raise capital might be, and why firms should look at raising capital - before they need it.
Join our panelists as they discuss how large, high-growth firms are expected to evolve in the next five years. Topics includes the balance of organic vs. acquired growth models, the use of technology and other relevant issues.
Trends in ratings criteria, acceptable leverage levels, rates, etc.
Hot Topics in pricing trends, deal structure, earn outs, and more from middle market insurance agents and brokers.
Close out the day with a fireside chat with Joel Wood, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs with the Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers. Get up-to-speed on recent updates on tax legislations and other regulatory matters from The Hill.
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