MarshBerry's 2024 Agency & Brokerage Compensation Study: Now Available for Purchase

MarshBerry has collected compensation data for its proprietary report for more than a decade, which provides in-depth insights into the compensation landscape along with unparalleled understanding and knowledge of remuneration structures.

According to 2024 findings, most firms have seen substantial positive impact to their top and bottom line in the last year, and naturally, this is reflected in compensation across all functions of the business. In fact, in MarshBerry’s 2024 Study respondents reported some of the highest annual increases seen over the past decade.

The 2024 report contains data from 302 U.S. insurance agencies and brokers that participated in the Study with the average (mean) revenue size of firms in the dataset being $28 million. This one-of-a-kind industry report offers a comprehensive look at current compensation data for 31 roles commonly found across insurance agents and brokers.

The report is available for purchase for $1,500. New for 2024 is an Excel spreadsheet that summarizes the information from the PDF report into easy-to-read tables. The Excel file, along with the report, can be purchased for $2,500. No specific company information is published or identified in the report or the Excel data. Study participants also receive a complimentary download of the Excel file.