We’ve all been there. Our numbers are good, our employees seem laser-focused, and our clients are mostly happy. Although there are daily challenges, they all seem surmountable. Things are going pretty well.

Then something happens.

The stock market takes a dip. People start talking about how costs are going up again. Attendance at social events seems to slow to a mere trickle of what it was. At the office, new business number starts slowing. Employees start to seem frustrated, then indifferent. When will we catch a break?

The value of a strong leader is almost inconsequential with a motivated team, clear purpose, and favorable circumstances.

A strong leader can be the difference, however, in times of challenge and defiant odds. A strong leader can be the difference between getting every member of the group out alive or having to surrender.

A strong leader can overcome any bit of difficulty that comes their way and make the circumstances nearly irrelevant.

A strong leader can lead through adversity.

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