MarshBerry FocalPoint Webinar: Organic Growth Trends & 2021 Study Results

August 5, 2021
1:00 - 1:45 PM ET

High retention ratios, low capital requirements and strong, stable valuations are just a few of the characteristics that create such strong interest in our space. The insurance industry continues to face dramatic competition, challenges and opportunities for growth and success. This session will provide the audience with an overview of the current insurance marketplace, and what we believe brokers should be focusing on to remain viable, as well as a deep dive on the best practices we’ve seen for talent acquisition and human capital development.

Presented by Frank Cox, MarshBerry Senior Vice President, CAWC

Energy, experience and execution—these are just a few of the reason’s clients turn to Frank Cox as a coach, mentor and valuable management consultant. He has a passion to help clients meet their organic growth initiatives. Frank joined MarshBerry in April 2019, bringing more than ten years of insurance sales experience and a track record for coaching, sales training, public speaking and senior executive management. He is responsible for delivering management consultation and sales leadership to MarshBerry’s portfolio of insurance brokerage clients. He also serves as a coach and trainer to fellow team members while engaging in corporate strategic planning.


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