State of the Specialty Industry-

A Market in Transition

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The fight for specialty distributors to stay on top of trends and remain relevant in an ever changing, dynamic marketplace is a constant struggle – especially for independently owned firms that lack robust infrastructure/systems, market clout and capital. The market experienced a massive roll-up of wholesale brokers over the last decade - to the point where few independent sizable brokers remain. Independents tend to find it challenging to attract and retain talent while growing operations at a rate that keeps pace with larger competitors. Is the historical consolidation of wholesale brokers reflective of the current consolidation environment being experienced by independent delegated authority firms?

Originally recorded April 6, 2023. Runtime = 41 minutes. 

Presented by George Bucur, Managing Director & Specialty Practice Co-Head

Focusing on specialty distribution and markets within MarshBerry’s Financial Advisory practice, George brings extensive knowledge in merger & acquisition (M&A) transactions. In addition to being a trusted advisor to sellers and buyers within the specialty insurance arena, George provides valuation, succession planning, strategic planning, financial benchmarking and other financial consultative services. Working with program managers, managing general agents, managing general underwriters, wholesale brokers, carriers and firms ancillary to these operations, George is privy to insights, proprietary knowledge and best practices directly impacting firms in today’s dynamic economic and rate environments. George uses his experiences to educate clients and colleagues within the industry and to offer superior client services.

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